US military begins basic training for Ukraine troops

The New York Times reports on the new U.S. military instruction happening in western Ukraine:

After months on the front lines, Ukrainian National Guard members are being trained in basic skills as part of a $19 million American military effort.

I think this is hugely important. A lot of these troops have already had to learn the hard way — in battle — but now the ones who’ve survived this long and stuck it out will get some quality late-stage basic training for the field. Now they’ll be motivated, committed, experienced, and trained. Not just a couple of those things. This will help Ukraine’s continued resistance to foreign invasion and defense of their revolution.

Meanwhile, there’s advanced training happening for the people who do things like call in rocket and artillery strikes, which should help reduce some of the high civilian casualties caused by Ukraine’s military (both sides have been at fault). 

Bill Humphrey

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