March 10, 2014 – Arsenal For Democracy 76

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Nate and Greg join Bill to talk about rising vaccine hysteria, the importance of public vaccinations, and how the “debate” fits into the broader arc of American politics and ideology. European correspondent Persephone looks at the debate over Spanish time zones and siesta culture. Finally Nate, Greg, and Bill look at Crimea in the context of other separatist/independence movements, such as Scotland and Catalonia.

Part 1: Part 1: Vaccines – AFD 76
Part 2: Part 2: Siesta Culture – AFD 76
Part 3: Part 3: Independence Movements – AFD 76

Note 1: This week, the online/podcast version contains an additional segment not aired on WVUD for time purposes. The whole episode with all 3 segments this week is an hour long.
Note 2: This week, the online version is split into one file for each segment. To get one file for the whole thing, we recommend using one of the subscribe links at the bottom of the post.

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Interview: Background on Venezuela situation

In March 2013, a little less than a year ago, I interviewed the University of Delaware’s Dr. Julio Carrion, an expert on mass support for authoritarian alternatives to democracy in Latin America, about the legacy of President Hugo Chavez, who had just passed away at the time. Since then, his party and successor has struggled to keep Venezuela’s population happy — leading to protests in the last several days.

This 18 minute interview provides a ton of great background information on the problems facing Venezuelans today.

Interview on Hugo Chavez – Dr. Julio Carrion

AFD 73 – Michael Sam, Uganda legislation

AFD-logo-big-newLatest Episode:
AFD 73 – Michael Sam, Uganda
New episode: Nate and Greg join Bill to discuss Michael Sam as well as Uganda’s anti-gay push from US evangelicals.


Note: This is the full 43 minute version of this episode. The air version this week only included the first segment. We’ll be returning to full-length episodes on air next week.

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