Michele Bachmann calls American Jews sellouts

From an interview she did with SPLC-designated “hate group leader” Tony Perkins yesterday, we learned (via TPM) that

Michele Bachmann is deeply disappointed with the American Jewish community for supporting President Barack Obama, whose policies she believes will reduce Israel to “rubble.”

1. Always good to tell people in a group you aren’t part of how they should feel and whom they should support.

2. Her religious support for Israel is based upon the premise that Jesus can’t come back unless a vibrant Israel is restored…and converted to Christianity…and then destroyed by The End of The World. (Really a fair-weather kind of support, isn’t it?) So why is she complaining about Israel being reduced to “rubble”? (Also: what rubble? The settlements are bigger than ever. I know she’s talking about the Iran sanctions, but still: c’mon son.)

3. When you say AIPAC — of all possible organizations to cite — has “sold out Israel” you’re officially so far outside the mainstream you don’t even know what the concept of a stream is.

Bill Humphrey

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  1. It’s nice that Jews overwhelmingly vote Democratic. It’s evidence that we’re the chosen people.

    Also, it’s stupid to spend time thinking about Michele Bachmann. She’s just a troll. A big get-rich-by-taking-advantage-of-dumb-people troll.

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