Suddenly, Mitch McConnell admits ACA can’t be repealed yet

Interesting that Mitch McConnell wasn’t acknowledging this reality any time in the past 4.5 years, when he was using “repeal” as a talking point to whip up the base and try to win more seats in Congress:

So, we’re certainly gonna keep our commitment to the American people to make every effort we can to repeal it. It is a statement to the obvious, however, that Obama — of Obamacare — is the President of the United States, so I don’t want people to have [unrealistic] expectations about what may actually become law with Obama — of Obamacare — in the White House. But we intend to keep our commitment to the American people.


Apparently it’s ok to blatantly misrepresent your ability to achieve policy gains when you’re campaigning, but as soon as you win the election you should immediately scale back “expectations” that you’ve raised dramatically, because you shouldn’t be held responsible for your own intentional misrepresentations.


Bill Humphrey

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