AFD 74 – Arizona SB 1062, PBS Scandal


Episode Description: Nate and Greg join Bill to discuss the political scandal at PBS, then they talk about Arizona’s anti-gay religious discrimination bill, SB 1062.



AFD 74 – Arizona SB 1062, PBS Scandal


During this episode, Bill mistakenly stated that 2010 US Senate Candidate Sharron Angle had proposed bartering chickens for health insurance. While she was also not a totally coherent candidate on policy, that “proposal” in fact came from rival primary candidate Sue Lowden, who was the frontrunner until that comment. Her loss to Sharron Angle in the primary, as a result of the comments, was a major contributing factor in Harry Reid’s successful re-election that year, because Angle was even less qualified and appealing than Lowden. We regret the error.

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