Lend Lease 17 – 2010s Decade in Review – Dec 29, 2019

Description: Bill and Rachel recap some of the most influential domestic political events or developments of the 2010s for the US left and progressives: Reproductive freedom battles, Senate climate failures, Manning leaks, Senate rules reform failure, Wisconsin protests, Occupy movement, the rise of rank-and-file teacher unionism, Snowden leaks, Black Lives Matter movement, marriage equality, Bernie Sanders, the airport protests, the climate strikes, the flight attendants union.

Notes and links (PDF): http://arsenalfordemocracy.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Arsenal-For-Democracy’s-Decade-in-Review-of-The-American-Left-2010-2019.pdf

Theme music by Stunt Bird.

Bill Humphrey

About Bill Humphrey

Bill Humphrey is the primary host of WVUD's Arsenal For Democracy talk radio show and a local elected official.
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