Apr 17, 2018 – Arsenal For Democracy Ep. 222


Topics: Municipal ambulance services; unregulated electric utilities; UK Labour’s proposal for free youth bus fares. People: Bill, Rachel, Nate. Produced: April 15th, 2018.

Episode 222 (53 min):
AFD 222

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Music by friend of the show Stunt Bird.

Governor Charlie Baker’s MBTA problem

Anti-tax Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says tax-revenue-starved MBTA’s service during these massive storms — wherein ancient equipment has been breaking down at the mechanical level from all the record-breaking snow and ice — has been “not acceptable.”

He’s just proposed $40 million in cuts to state transportation (not to mention his legacy role in under-funding transportation since the 1990s) but also has the audacity to complain about the functionality of the state’s transportation …. It’s amazing how refusing to properly fund government services keeps them from performing effectively.

Pictured: MBTA Orange Line platform at Green station, early afternoon on Monday February 9, 2015.

Pictured: MBTA Orange Line platform at Green station, early afternoon on Monday February 9, 2015.