“AFD Ep 29 – The Sixties, Welfare, and Society Since”

Bill and Anna start off with a speculative discussion about the relationship between social and economic libertarianism from the 1960s onward (based off Kurt Andersen’s dubious NY Times column), which transitions into a discussion of the money woes of cash-strapped cities selling ads on public services, and then into a report on the tax hikes on the rich that the French Socialist government has just proposed. After the break, they discuss Rep. Joe Walsh’s latest outrageous offense, as well as a story about the border patrol arresting a former governor of Arizona. They close out with a mocking look at the impending fiscal meltdown of the Creationism Museum as the Noah’s Ark project hits the rocks.

“AFD Ep 25 – The Generation War”

Bill, Kelley, and guest host Anna from ONTD_p discuss the policy implications of a worsening generation gap between Millennials (and the next generation after them) and Baby Boomers, especially now that White births are no longer a majority in the United States. Eventually Bill gets really angry about Harry Reid’s failure to reform the Senate filibuster rules in January 2011 now that Reid has come around to see the wisdom of the “young” Senators who proposed the change.

“AFD Ep 18 – Let’s Talk About Uganda”

Bill and Kerry take advantage of the pre-emption of the FM broadcast to record an extended discussion of several important stories of the week. They break down the facts and controversies surrounding the ‘Kony 2012’ video, cover Rush Limbaugh’s contraception freakout and loss of dozens of sponsors, look into a drug-running scandal in the Afghan Air Force, and they speculate on Mitt Romney’s options for securing the nomination without winning a majority of the delegates. Kelley is out this week.

“AFD Ep 17 – Sen. Tom Carper Interview”

Bill interviews United States Senator Tom Carper, Democrat of Delaware, asking him about jobs, youth/young adult and minority unemployment, student loans, poverty, and his role at the center-right Democratic Leadership Council in pushing the Democratic Party away from the Left. After that there was 20 more minutes of great discussion with Kerry and Kelley, but it was accidentally deleted right after the show, so unfortunately Bill could only briefly re-summarize the topics and end the show.

“AFD Ep 9 – Twenty Years of Europe”

December 2011 is the 20th anniversary of both the end of the Soviet Union and the start of the European Union. In this extended episode, Dr. David Shearer joins Bill and Sasha to talk about those events and how Europe changed because of them, and then Bill and Kerry break down the current Eurozone crisis from its origins to its possible outcomes in just 25 minutes.

“AFD Ep 7 – Occupy Bain Capital”

Blogger David Waldman joins the team to discuss a NY Times article on Romney’s time at Bain Capital. Bill, Sasha, and Kerry talk about the eviction of Occupy Wall Street, the Syrian crisis, the Perry & Cain meltdowns, and the state of the GOP race, and then they take listener calls.