Content Use Policy

We encourage people to post some of our content elsewhere to inspire further discussion, but we have a few conditions:

1. Fair use of text: Please be reasonable about how much you’re quoting from our original text content. We’re generous on fair use of the text, but don’t reprint the whole post without getting permission first. Try to keep it well below 50% of short pieces and a few paragraphs of longer essays/research. This rule is only so we don’t lose traffic or have our hard work stolen outright. But really, we’re generally happy to see our writing and research quoted briefly on your site.

2. Attribution: Please be sure to attribute the text to at least “Arsenal for Democracy” (if not the author’s name) with a direct link to the post. Make it clear you’re quoting us. We would do the same for you.

3. Reprinting: If you are interested in reprinting/cross-posting the entire post to your site, we may be willing to do that, but you would need to use our contact page or email us at afdradio AT gmail DOT com to request permission and work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

4. Use of images: All our images are non-copyrighted images (with rare exceptions of low-resolution excerpts from images that cannot be otherwise obtained to illustrate the story, such as corporate/event logos or iconic photographs). If they are from a Creative Commons license requiring attribution, the images have that attribution credit/source in the post or imprinted directly on the image, and the license from the original source would apply to your use. We try our best to attribute and link back to brief animated gifs used for humor purposes.
Many of our images come from public domain photographs and images from government sources in the United States and around the world; you are free to reuse those as you wish. They are typically not credited on our site but are not under any use requirements. If we have an original image or graphic, you are free to use it/change it provided you attribute it to us clearly. Our only request about reusing images from our site is that you do not “hotlink” by directly pulling the image from our server, as this can be expensive for us, without any benefit. Please host it directly on your own server or through any free image hosting service and just link back to us.

Again, the theme here is that we’re reasonable people and we want to encourage other people to talk about these ideas and stories, as well as to help find new readers — so just do what you’d like others to do for you. Thanks!