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Ben Tolkin studied Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Korean at Washington University in St. Louis. He's currently trying to study everything else.

AFD Micron #45

Other students in the Spring Valley High School video are terrified and still. Other adults are in the room and do nothing. Public abuses of power make people frightened of authority and more subservient, even after we all agree they are abuses. The officer’s been fired; good, but you can hardly still act surprised if people of color feel threatened by state authority.


AFD Micron #43

Most of the ways in which people hate the Millennials for being “entitled” fall so squarely under one of America’s original entitlements, the “pursuit of happiness.” Like, you can’t get more conservative, old-school, noncontroversial than that. It’s pretty well established that people should consider themselves entitled to pursue happiness, and if you’re going to get mad when Millennials ask for better jobs, a more tolerant society, and a more welcome future… what is it we want that you didn’t want?


AFD Micron #42

By far the top quality I look for in a potential president is competence, followed, surprisingly distantly, by how much I agree with them. Followed yet more distantly by whether or not I trust them, and eventually by how much I like them. Which is a roundabout way of saying I’m still in Hillary’s soulless, depressing camp.