AFD Radio Exclusive: Firsthand reports from Ferguson


Eyewitness accounts from Ferguson MO by longtime area residents and from the National Moment of Silence 2014 rally in Chicago.

Ferguson/NMOS14 Discussion:
AFD 96 – Ferguson / NMOS14

Recorded late afternoon of Sunday August 17th, 2014

Segment 1 Panel:
– JP from St. Louis County: Lives near Ferguson, 10-year U.S. military veteran, 20 year county resident
– Ama from St. Louis County: Lives next to Ferguson, wife owns a business there, 12 year county resident, participant in Ferguson rallies
– Michael from South Carolina: Returning guest, host of “Pound4Pound Boxing Report” show

Segment 2 Guest:
– JP from Chicago: Co-host of the “Nerdgasm Noire” show, lifelong Chicago resident, participant in the NMOS14 rally in Chicago

What we talked about this hour:

– Longstanding tensions with police in Ferguson and the wider St. Louis County
– The geography of the Ferguson protests and manifestations of outrage
– Militarization of American police forces
– Respectability politics: Why dressing and speaking a certain way won’t save Black Americans
– National Moment of Silence events
– Personal stories of being harassed by police in the St. Louis area, including Ferguson
– Raising children under / growing up with an abusive police force
– Organizing for future change, from social media to events on the ground


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