NH State Rep: Scott Brown *is* Tyranny

Francis-SmithA state legislator to the north of former Senator Brown’s former state believes that Scott Brown is tyranny incarnate and that a second American Revolution may be necessary to halt his evil, semi-moderate ways (i.e. his support for an assault-weapons ban).

Or at least a lot of standing around shouting about Scott Brown, while waving guns and ammunition, may be necessary. Followed by an armed insurrection against the dictatorship that is a social policy agenda fifty plus years behind every other advanced economy.

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Scott Brown still Scottbrowning around, in NH now

scott-brownLast seen as an incumbent losing a general election by 8 points in the next state over (Massachusetts), Scott Brown is not only will-he-won’t-he shadow campaigning for Senate in New Hampshire but is already playing the ever-absurd “not-ruling-out-running-for-president” game. That has even involved going to Iowa to find out, as he put it to the local papers, “whether there’s an interest in my brand of leadership and Republicanism.” Ridiculous cart before the ridiculous horse.

Money quote:

“Scott Brown has always been in love with himself, and this is just a vanity tour,” said Matt Canter, deputy executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

I wish he would just go away quietly for a while. I’m honestly surprised the New Hampshire Republicans are even entertaining, perhaps even welcoming, such blatant carpetbagging.