Arsenal for Nate and Greg Talking Sports: Donald Sterling Edition

“Let’s not tell the victims of racism that they need to act a certain way in order to not be victimized by racism. Let’s tell the perpetrators of racism that they need to stop perpetrating racism.”

red-A-198Nate and Greg wanted to talk about the Donald Sterling controversy, so we recorded a bonus segment on Monday night, which did not make it into Episode 82 for time reasons. Before it goes completely out of date, we’re releasing it here as a lightly-edited, standalone segment.


Discussion Points:

– Why Sterling’s housing discrimination matters a lot
– Is pro sports getting better at ejecting racists?
– Will Sterling take retribution on the NBA?
– Institutional Racism vs. Bigotry
– The global, non-white future of the NBA

AFD 82 Bonus – Donald Sterling

Recommended readings

Melissa Beck: “Like Like Like a Red Nose”
NYT: “Clippers Support a Ban, Beginning a Transition”
AFD (Nate): “Donald Sterling is Literally Hitler”
Clutch Magazine: “When It Comes to Racism, Why Are Black People Expected to Fight It Alone?”

Not recommended

– Anything by Homeboy Sandman.





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