Turkish pundit: Hide your baby bumps, future moms!

Some men are too stupid to live, let alone express opinions.

A Turkish commentator and religious lawyer has caused a firestorm in Turkey by saying that it’s “disgusting” for pregnant women to be seen in public and in the third trimester they should never be outside unless in their husbands’ cars where no one can see them.

“Declaring your pregnancy with drums is against our understanding of decency. You cannot walk on the streets with such bellies. To get a bit of fresh air, a woman in the seventh or eighth month of her pregnancy can go around a little in her husband’s car in the late afternoon,” Inancer, who is also known to Islamic circles as an expert on Sufi mysticism, said. He went on to add that despite this, pregnant women of all shades are to be seen everywhere in Turkey nowadays, including on television, and added, “This is shameful, shameful! This is not realism, this is vulgarity.”

He followed up later by saying he stood by his remarks because pregnant women in public would dissuade young women from having babies.

Pretty sure if that were true, humans would have died out 200,000 years ago. 

Bill Humphrey

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