Mocha Autism Network: Autism Awareness Month

If, like me, you don’t support the “mainstream” groups involved in autism activism (some of them are incredibly problematic and damaging for reasons I’m sure I’ll discuss at another time), consider supporting alternative groups such as the Mocha Autism Network this month. They’re dedicated to presenting a different and more inclusive perspective. Below are some starter facts from their Facebook page:



  • 1 in 68 children are currently diagnosed on the #autism spectrum.
  • By gender, it is broken down as 1 in 42 boys, 1 in 189 girls.
  • Black/Latino boys are diagnosed as late as 2.5 years later than White boys.
  • Girls (all ethnicities) are diagnosed the latest.
  • In California, only 10% of pediatricians are equipped to provide Autism assessments in Spanish.

Join us in April as we provide the resources and information you can share to educate our communities


Resources to get involved

Mocha Autism Network
Twitter: @MochaAutismNTWK
Instagram: @mochaautismntwk
Google Plus: +Mocha Autism Network

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