February 13, 2018 – Arsenal For Democracy Ep. 214


Half-Episode: Discussing homelessness and housing policy from UK Labour, New Zealand Labour, Salt Lake City, and Boise. People: Bill, Rachel, Nate. Produced: Feb 10th, 2018.

Episode 214 (29 min):
AFD 214

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Music by friend of the show Stunt Bird.

One cold night in 1987

This month in history — twenty seven years ago: In March 1987, an HIV-positive Congressman slept outside the Capitol to protest inaction on homelessness. It was 20 degrees outside. He contracted fatal pneumonia, likely in part from his immuno-compromised state being exacerbated in the cold. But before it claimed his life, he managed to convince his colleagues to pass legislation with over a billion dollars in funding for over a dozen new programs to help the homeless. This past week, Think Progress commemorated the sacrifice of Rep. Stewart McKinney of Connecticut.